Supplier review

Being a member of the Weddings at Work e-group definitely helped us prepare for the wedding. One of the traditions in the group is for members to post a review of how their suppliers performed during their wedding. The review below was e-mailed to the group at the start of the year, with each supplier…

Why we’re the happy siopaos

Watch the video and find out. Shot and edited by my brother Rain. Many thanks to Starbucks, Sonya’s Garden and Matabungkay Beach Resort. 😉

A speech that was not delivered

09 December 2006 Thank you, Mico and Zane. For the past week, I’ve been trying to make a speech that would perfectly describe my feelings tonight. Aimee and I have been planning this wedding for one and a half years. It’s not obvious but I could say that my wife did most of the job….

One more week

It’s the last week of preps for us and still I feel there’s a lot I may be forgetting to do. We’ve just been able to finish laying out the missalettes and I’m typing this entry while debating whether I should wait for Fr. Jboy’s approval before I start printing all the copies. Don’t ask….

Panicky, panicked me

18 effin’ days! And I still don’t have my music lined up. Or drafted a program. Not even the missalettes! Times like these I wish I got ourselves a coordinator.

Crunching up the numbers

Recomputed everything. Surprise, surprise, we’re way past toeing the line. Have to cut, cut, cut. Guess which was the first to go? Sigh. Goodbye, Antulang*. For now. *In case you’re thinking, no wonder this got cut, posted rates are for foreigners. Local rates are much, much cheaper.