One more week

It’s the last week of preps for us and still I feel there’s a lot I may be forgetting to do. We’ve just been able to finish laying out the missalettes and I’m typing this entry while debating whether I should wait for Fr. Jboy’s approval before I start printing all the copies. Don’t ask….

Crunching up the numbers

Recomputed everything. Surprise, surprise, we’re way past toeing the line. Have to cut, cut, cut. Guess which was the first to go? Sigh. Goodbye, Antulang*. For now. *In case you’re thinking, no wonder this got cut, posted rates are for foreigners. Local rates are much, much cheaper.

A few more steps closer to the day

Bry and I went to Tagaytay last Saturday for our canonical interview. I’ve heard a lot of things about this interview and so came prepared. I know some couples who were surprised when they were asked to “donate” Php1,500 after the “interview” was over, which consisted mainly of checking whether the papers were in order….

Marriage license how-to’s

This is probably one of the easiest wedding requirements we were able to accomplish. I called up the civil registry’s office in Las PiƱas two Fridays ago to ask for whatever it was we needed to bring before we can file our application. It’s a good thing I did because we needed to bring our…

Breathe, Aimee, breathe

The days are going by so fast I find myself almost always dreaming about wedding snafus. I would have loved to share some of them here, but I tend to forget specifics of my dreams two seconds after I wake up. Anyhoo, things are moving along quite well with the preps. We’ve already managed to…

Giddy post

Bry has his suit! Wala lang, early this week we just dropped by Zara in Glorietta to check out some suits. While we were in Hong Kong a couple of months back, we saw a really nice Zara suit in Times Square and we just wanted to see whether we can get it cheaper here….

129 days and counting

Can you believe it? Bry and I set up this blog around this time last year. It was also about the same period that we started thinking about maybe moving our date from July to December. A lot has happened since then. Yeah, I know, we have neglected this blog and, consequently, have left you…

Prepping up

Various friends, acquaintances and relatives have remarked on how early we’ve started prepping up for the wedding. We’ve got nearly everything down pat, but I still have the feeling that there is more left to accomplish. For a quick rundown, these are what we’ve done so far, in chronological order: Booked the church, paid the…